Data Backup

Chicago Tech provides Data Backup services to small and medium sized businesses.

Our Data Backup services allow small and medium size businesses to duplicate their data over a wide area network (WAN) or Internet connections to a storage system at an off site data center.

Our remote Data Backup services relieves our customers of the following issues:

Backup software evaluation, Backup software obsolescence, Tape drive hardware evaluation, Tape drive hardware obsolescence, Tape media life expectancies, Tape media data capacities, Physical tape rotation schedules, Offsite tape processes, Lost data, and Corrupt file loss.

With this offsite storage solution, businesses will not have to worry about replacing Monday's Tape with Tuesday's and taking storage media offsite in preparation for a disaster. Data will automatically be sent in the off hours to a storage facility in a hardened data center without any customer intervention.

The solution consists of software that resides on the customer's server that schedules the backup of the data. The software points to the virtual drive at the data center as the target destination for the data. This data then gets migrated to tape.

Chicago Tech works with its partner's to install and maintain the client back up software at the customer location. The client software uses encryption to secure data while scheduled nightly data transfers the same Internet connection the customer uses during the day for web browsing.