ADIT Products

  • 003-0261-00E4
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0261-00E4 TDM Controller Circuit Car
  • 003-0261-00E6
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0261-00E6 TDM Controller Circuit Car
  • 003-0278-00C8
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0278-00C8 Dual V.35 Circuit Card
  • 003-0294-00D5
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0294-00D5 Quad T1 Circuit Card
  • 003-0294-00D7
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0294-00D7 Quad T1 Circuit Card
  • 003-0450-00C7
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0450-00C7 24 VDC Power Supply
  • 003-0670-0003
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0670-0003 Quad TSR Circuit Card
  • 003-0670-0010
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0670-0010 Quad TSR Circuit Card
  • 003-0673-0004
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0673-0004 Axxius 800 TDM Controller
  • 003-0698-0008
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0698-0008 HD Quad DS1/E1 Circuit Car
  • 003-0698-0008 / 022-
    Carrier Access Adit 600 003-0698-0008 / 022-0126-0040 Axxius 800
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To companies that depend on Technology to empower their business, Chicago Tech is the partner who delivers IT and Telecom Asset Management, freeing you from the complexity of managing technology. Not only do we specialize in high tech equipment, we provide IT and Telecom Asset Management that includes Procurement Strategies, Remarketing Solutions, Professional and Financial Services.

We've built a reputation on Vendor Independence, Flexibility and Experience. We're a leader in helping organizations reduce cost and improve efficiency through aggressive IT and Telecom Asset Management.

Founded over 10 years ago, Chicago Tech, Inc. is a TL 9000 & ISO 9001:2015 registered organization that ensures the highest possible reliability and quality standards to our customers. We are experts in the procurement, stocking, testing, repair, and remarketing of assets from the edge of the network to the core. We are dedicated to being environmentally and socially responsible in the disposition of all hardware, by sending all end-of-life equipment to certified recyclers. Conveniently located in the Midwest, Chicago Tech is capable of offering a full range of services to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the complete lifecycle of all IT and telecommunications equipment.