New and Used Cisco Equipment

Cisco is one of the biggest players in the IT and telecommunications world for many reasons, and they are one of the most well-regarded names in hardware. Whether your business is in need of routers, switches, Ethernet ports or anything else, Cisco is a name you can trust.

But, because Cisco manufactures so many different options, it can sometimes be difficult for businesses to choose specific components when finalizing their hardware procurement strategies. This is where Chicago Tech comes in. We can help guide your organization and ensure that you make the right decision. Chicago Tech provides everything from Ethernet motherboards and modem cards to WAN extension network modules and standard routers. If your corporation has a telecom or IT hardware need, then Chicago Tech can help you address it with new or used Cisco equipment.

New, Used or Refurbished Cisco Hardware

Most hardware procurement strategies involve companies getting the very latest option available, but that is not always the best choice. New is great, but it could be cost-prohibitive. In some instances, gently used or refurbished hardware could fulfill the exact same need as fresh-from-the-factory equipment, but at a fraction of the cost.

Chicago Tech offers dozens of options for companies in the market for refurbished, new and used Cisco hardware. Cisco stands for quality, so our customers know that no matter what option they elect to go with, they will get a solution that meets their needs today and well into the future. Chicago Tech has become a leader at reselling new, refurbished and used Cisco equipment for a reason! 

Why Chicago Tech?

Many companies will provide their clients with Cisco hardware, but that does not mean they offer the best option for your firm. Chicago Tech is often duplicated, never replicated. Not only is Chicago Tech, Inc. a TL 9000 & ISO 9001:2015 and TL 9000 Registered Supplier, but their hardware procurement experts have years of experience working with the biggest companies in the world. With this experience in tow, Chicago Tech customers can know for certain that their Cisco hardware procurement efforts will yield tangible results now and well into the future, regardless of whether new, refurbished or used Cisco equipment was selected. Cisco equals quality and consistency in the minds of many, and Chicago Tech upholds those same standards in every effort and transaction.

To get your Cisco procurement process going, contact a Chicago Tech representative today! Call Chicago Tech today at (800) 442-4011, or email or chat with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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To companies that depend on Technology to empower their business, Chicago Tech is the partner who delivers IT and Telecom Asset Management, freeing you from the complexity of managing technology. Not only do we specialize in high tech equipment, we provide IT and Telecom Asset Management that includes Procurement Strategies, Remarketing Solutions, Professional and Financial Services.

We've built a reputation on Vendor Independence, Flexibility and Experience. We're a leader in helping organizations reduce cost and improve efficiency through aggressive IT and Telecom Asset Management.

Founded over 10 years ago, Chicago Tech, Inc. is a TL 9000 & ISO 9001:2015 registered organization that ensures the highest possible reliability and quality standards to our customers. We are experts in the procurement, stocking, testing, repair, and remarketing of assets from the edge of the network to the core. We are dedicated to being environmentally and socially responsible in the disposition of all hardware, by sending all end-of-life equipment to certified recyclers. Conveniently located in the Midwest, Chicago Tech is capable of offering a full range of services to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the complete lifecycle of all IT and telecommunications equipment.