Professional Services

Chicago Tech, Inc. provides Professional Services that include:

  • Lifecycle management of industry specific equipment
  • Market insight consulting service
  • Financial management and leasing services
  • Sourcing service for refurbished equipment
  • Migration and exit strategies

Chicago Tech, Inc., a technology services company, is one of the world's leading providers of solutions that reduce technology cost and risk. Our experience, flexibility and vendor independence are important assets we employ to help our customers acquire, manage and protect their technology investment.

We offer a variety of flexible financing options to purchase or lease new and refurbished equipment. Our leasing strategies allows organizations to enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the risks. In addition, it provides customers with the flexibility to upgrade equipment or change equipment as their needs change. We also provide short-term leasing options for companies to better manage technology transition growth strategies.

*This service is provided exclusively by Chicago Tech, Inc. and is independent of our TL 9000 Registration.